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Welcome to our School Phonics Library

At Parkland, we are passionate about reading. Children experience phonics teaching on a daily basis in small groups in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2. Sessions are delivered by our skilled teaching and support staff. This allows adults to really personalise learning for the children and promote accelerated progress in reading and a real love of books. Phonics teaching will continue at the Junior school for some children to ensure they become confident and fluent readers.  In this section, you will find short teacher led lessons that you can use at home to support your child develop their phonics skills.  They are ideal to do at the weekend, bedtime/storytime and during school holidays and can be used regularly at home to consolidate our learning in school. In school, we start with SET 1 and children progress when they are ready.  By the end of Year 1, children should know all three sets of sounds. Please refer to our Phonics Information for Parents & Carers for more details about how Phonics is taught.

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