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Family Liaison Officer

The Family Liaison Officer for Parkland Infant and Junior School can offer advice and guidance to parents and carers in areas such as:

  • Providing information about school and local services (including childcare and holiday play schemes) available.

  • Listening and talking to children and parents about any concerns or queries they have within the family or school.

  • Promoting conversations between parents and their children through family mediation.

  • Attending meetings with you, for moral support or to take notes.

  • Helping complete forms/paperwork.

  • Liaising with other professionals e.g. school nurse, social workers.

  • Helping you understand and manage referrals.

  • Supporting children in school giving them someone to listen to their worries and concerns.

  • Offering a home visit if you find it easier to talk at home.

  • Supporting with transition into reception and onto secondary schools.

  • Family breakdown and separation

  • Bereavement

  • Benefits and housing advice.

  • Supporting behaviour management, sleep and healthy eating.

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